Mink & 3D Mink

What are Mink ?

Minks are very close cousins to otters and ferrets, and are known around the world for the high quality of their silky fur. Mink fur products can range in variety, and while there is some controversy about the use of Mink fur, ethical practices exist to harvest their fur in gentle, humane and sustainable ways.

Why use Mink ?

Using Mink fur in eyelash products gives a fabulous silky yet resilient effect that if handled with some care, can last up to an impressive 25 applications. Lash Life have custom designed several styles ranging from subtle, glamorous to flambouyant, and we look forward to introducing new style ranges in the near future.

How fur is collected

The ethical way to harvest Mink fur is to use a soft brushing technique on the Mink during it's natural shedding cycle. These individual strands are than collected and hand-crafted into the various different styles.

Ethically housed Minks are well cared for and given the very best of living conditions leading to extremely high quality Mink fur products, resulting in sustainable populations of Minks and a benefit to customers searching for the very best Mink lashes.