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Belle Femme is a business,based in Lanarkshire, which is taking the world of custom designed lashes mink and mink 3D lashes by storm. With Expert Technicians & Designers - you won't simply will not find better lashes, anywhere.

Meet the Designer

I'm a fully qualified Lash Technician and have a true passion for lashes whether they be lash extensions or strip Lashes. I am also a self taught MUA and quickly realised how much lashes can make a real a difference to your full face.

Having tried and tested a large varierty of different types of strip Lashes - i.e. synthetic, silk, human hair and mink, - I found that mink hair lashes look the best and most fluffy.

However, these normally retail at a cost of between £20-£30 per pair. With Belle Femme strip Lashes, we have sourced and designed lashes at a fraction of the cost. All my lashes are specifically designed, by myself, in order to suit every eye shape and face.

Belle Femme - Jenna